10W Animation Laser Light Show: RGB/Green


Our many clients need the Animation Laser Light Show with big Power and small housing, so our 10W Animation Laser Light Show is called for. Our have 10W RGB Animation Laser CNI and 10W Green Animation Laser Light CNI online.

The 10W full color animation laser light with R635-2W, G532-3W, B447-5W(CNI) wavelength and DT 40K high speed module scanner (Can be upgraded to 60K),Scan angle:±30°;Input signal:±5V;Linearity distortion<2%). Analog modulation.

10W RGB Animation Laser Light

The 10W RGB Laser's Beam diameter and Divergence : 4mm;<2mrad; Music (with the function of BLACK OUT)/Automatic/Master-Slave/DMX512(25CH) control mode. Compatible ILDA laser show software/(can upgrade pangolin FB3-se,moncha.net or SD card) ILDA Standard DB25 Connector,International Standard DMX 512,Phoenix(Germany) or Pangolin (USA) etc. DMX Built-in 128 pattern(Customizable) and 42 animation.You can only choose cartoon effect or pattern effect.


And this 10W RGB Animation Laser no signal no emit,Key power; signal is changed automatically(PC to DMX or DMX to PC),Quick Channel, one of the product channels,let you can choose sound or automatic mode by DMX controller. You never need to set the 10W RGB Laser Light.

10Watt full color laser projector

Our other 10W Animation Laser is 10W Green Animation Laser light CNI with G532nM-10W(CNI)Power and DT 40K high speed module scanner, Scan Angle: ±30°;Input signal: ±5V; Linearity distorition<2%, TTL modulation (analog modulation is optional).

10W Green Animation Laser Light

10Watt Green Laser projector

10W Green Laser light show

Using 10W Animation Laser Lights at events

10W Animation Laser Light can be used at a variety of indoor and outdoor events, including:


Corporate shows
Openings, such as player introductions at basketball and hockey games
Themed parties
Parties held in planetariums
Beacons and displays in trade shows


Major special events such as the Super Bowl or Olympics
Premieres, grand openings, launch parties
Laser searchlight

And using in Disco, Clubs, KTV, Pub, Vocal Concert, Advertising Promotion etc. COYO 10W RGB Laser and 10W Green Laser is your best choose for this place.


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